How Do We Help You?

Our goal is your growth.

"The Covenant Group Program has had a significant impact on my business. It has transformed me into a business builder. The program has helped me see business opportunities with more clarity and shown me how to develop powerful strategies to achieve my vision. In the first two and a half years of being involved in the program, I had a 250% growth in income."

Corey Schneider

New York

How Does The Covenant Group Help You?

To achieve and sustain peak performance you have to align three elements:

Intention – Become clear about your goals and the plan to achieve it.
Process – All successful businesses are built on processes that are distinguishable, repeatable and transferable.
Measurement – When you measure performance it improves. When you measure and report performance it can improve exponentially.

We align intention, process, and measurement to enable you to plan, execute, and report on the strategies and tactics that drive performance and build your business.

The Covenant Group has differentiated itself in the marketplace with its focus on implementation. Our clients are not simply motivated to be better business people, but also to become business builders.

Who Do We Work With?


Individual Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs looking for professional and personal growth.



Entrepreneurs and executives looking to build a high performing team.


Large Organization

Executives looking to enhance their client facing capabilities.

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Whether your goal is to make more money, gain more enjoyment in your work or build a sustainable business. We can help you develop powerful strategies and tactics to achieve your vision.

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