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When you join, you get access to a peer-to-peer business and leadership coaching program that gives you a roadmap to grow your business and achieve and sustain peak performance. 

Get the guidance you need at every step of your journey.

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Are you an entrepreneur, executive, or business leader struggling with:

Establishing and clearly communicating the future direction of your business?
Taking the time to work on your business strategy?
Getting more introductions and referrals?
Building trust with your prospects so they'll feel comfortable buying from you?
Finding talent and onboarding new hires?

Increased revenue and profitability

It’s not easy—whether you own your company or work for someone else.

You deserve to make more money, have more quality time, enjoy what you’re doing, and achieve financial security and independence. But you’re too busy running your business, and don’t have enough time or energy to focus on what could drive increased revenue and profitability.

Clear path with actionable steps

You need guidance and a clear path that you can follow to achieve your vision and objectives.

Get coaching from industry experts, join a real community of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and unearth a clear path with actionable steps you can follow right away, no matter at what stage you’re in your business or career journey.

You’ll focus on strategically building your business:

Develop and implement a strategy to build the business that is right for you
Implement a structure to enable you to work at the highest level of your capability

Create a client experience that leads to profitable client relationships
Build your organization to create more free time and professional satisfaction

Our Clients

The Great West Life Assurance Company
Sun Life Financial
Rise Properties Trust
guardian group life caribbean
London LIfe
Milborne Gold
Nicola Wealth Management
Richardson GMP
The CoOperators

Personal and professional success

It’s never going to feel like it’s the right time to invest in your personal and professional success. 

Successful people know this. The best time to start growing your business is today.

You have to do it yourself, and you can’t do it alone. Learn about how our business and leadership coaching can help you today!


The Covenant Group has helped focus our business development strategy and provided quality leadership advice that has been very useful to me as an entrepreneur. Not only am I certain that we wouldn't be where we are today without them, I am even more certain that VELA's future wouldn't be as incredibly bright as it is without their guidance.



The Covenant Group team brings an unusual combination of deep industry knowledge and proven business-building fundamentals along with an eye toward innovation and the best practices of driving growth in the new digital economy. They truly care for your success, and it shows in the value they deliver.



The Covenant Group has a proven program that will help us grow. Any company looking to take the next step in its development should be involved in The Business Builder Playbook.

David Sung CFP CLU RHU


I have interacted with other coaches previously, and I find The Covenant Group to be the most value added by a significant margin.

Thane Stenner


What’s included

In just 12 months you’ll get everything you need to grow and sustain your business, and to become a high-performing professional. You’ll learn from experts and peers with real-world experience in a private, approachable environment. Connect with us now to learn if this business and leadership coaching program is right for you.

Shared Learning

Monthly peer-to-peer Study Pods sessions to foster shared learning


Monthly virtual workshops


Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions


12-month access to members-only resources

Coach-on the-Go™ Access

12-month access to Coach-on the-Go™, our performance management platform that allows you to customize and implement your own business plan to success


Access to a community of high-performing entrepreneurs and successful business leaders who want to help you and see you succeed

What You'll Learn

You’ll develop the plan for growing your business and implementing the strategies and tactics that lead to success.

BBP Program Outline


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The Future Drives the Present

The single biggest differentiator between high performers and average producers is the timeframe or timespan in which they think and act, work, and plan.

Raise the Level of Your Gaze

Many of us struggle to make our future goals relevant today. We walk you through a simple framework that helps you align your strategies and tactics. We all need to determine how to make our goals relevant for today.

Measure what Matters

Most of us don’t have clearly defined goals, so we’re unsure about what counts as success. When you set objectives, you’re describing what you're looking to achieve over the next 1-5 years. 

Implement what Matters

Focus on maximizing the resources you have. For most of us, the two most precious resources we have are time and relationships. Explore an approach to getting clear on what to implement next.

Work at the Highest Level of Your Capability

Learn how to do what you’re uniquely suited to do—and delegate the rest! Many of us aren’t very good at assigning tasks or delegating functions. You learn how to apply frameworks and approaches for doing both effectively.

The Most Important Measure of Your Success

Learn how to move beyond simple client satisfaction to focus on building client capital. Although it appears nowhere on your balance sheet, your income statement or your cashflow statement, client capital is the most important measure of your business.  

Put Your Clients to Work for You

You can double your business within two degrees of separation; the people you know and the people those people know. The biggest opportunity for growing your business is learning how to master the art of obtaining introductions. 

Attract Your Clients into Conversations

We make promises and commitments through conversations. In our experience, high performers master the conversational environment. The client attraction conversation is the heart of your mastery. 

Pipeline Management Strategy  

Improving your pipeline management can vastly increase the results you get in your business. The key is to have a system for attracting prospects and having a very clear approach to moving them through your pipeline. 

Strong Fences Make Good Neighbours

Most of us resist structure, yet it’s a cornerstone of high performance. Learning to build the structure that supports your success is one of the most important aspects of running a business that we address in our work together.  

Get Clear on Where and How You Are Creating Value

What game do you want to play? How do you position yourself to win? To answer these questions, you must be clear on where you are creating value and what is the end game. Ready to start, connect with us to discuss being a part of this unique and highly sort after business and leadership coaching program.

Who We Serve

We have coached over 35,000 entrepreneurs and professionals since 1995.


Achieve professional and personal growth


Build a high-performing team

Large Organizations

Enhance distribution strategies and optimize sales

Client Success Stories

Helping our clients thrive is at the core of everything we do. Whether you are a business of one or many, we focus on what matters most, so you can attain what matters most—a high-performing business, a powerful legacy, and a meaningful life. Connect with us to learn more about our business and leadership coaching programs today!

Dean Harder


Jason Boudreau


Vincent M. D'adonna



Get the guidance you need, every step of your journey...

Step 1

Connect with us so we can get to know you and help you define where you want to go

Step 2

Join a community of high performers

Step 3

Create a plan

Step 4

Start driving results


Typical revenue growth

our clients experience

Years of 

helping people


Clients who experience 50-200%

growth in 12-30 months

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